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Digital Gauges and Controllers


As these gauges utilise the same technology as their Active counterparts, along with being in the same form: they are a perfect upgrade for those looking to increase data collection. We provide digital versions of our APG200, AIM, and WRG ranges, known respectively as: nAPG200, nAIM, and nWRG.

APG200 active pirani gauge

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Edwards APG200 active

Built upon our stable platform of active analogue gauges, we offer digital variants able to communicate via RS232 or RS485 with your system.

Measuring from atmosphere to 1e-9mbar, and with corrosion resistant/industrial versions, you can select the right gauge for your application.

Edwards new APG200 series high performance compact Pirani Gauge is the perfect vacuum solution across a spectrum of applications due to its compact size, LED light ring and integrated set points.

Edwards production facility in the UK has been making and designing vacuum gauging for decades. With this experience we have been able to develop a gauge that has a 25% reduced package size, with no reduction in performance. With a range of upgrades and feature enhancements, the APG200 is suitable for all vacuum markets, from Analytical instruments who can take advantage of the reduced size and flexible outputs, to Semiconductor for whom the new interfaces and light rings enable better maintenance of systems, to Research and development for whom the local pressure indication helps to monitor experiments away from the main interfaces.

Self-Contained including driving electronics.

Digital active gauges are similar to analogue active: they are self-contained including driving electronics, but they take this one step further and eliminate the need for a separate controller due to having serial comms onboard. 

The Digital gauges simply need a supply voltage in the range of 15 to 48V and then can be directly interrogated via a PC or PLC using either RS232 or RS485 communications.