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E2M 40-275 Rotary Vane

Primary Vacuum

E2M series pumps are rugged, mechanical oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps with a well proven robust design. They feature advanced lubrication circuits and come with tough accessories to suit almost every application need.

Exceptional reliability

Proven in a range of industrial and laboratory applications

0.001 mbar

Single and two stage design options

Gas-Ballast valve

Large vapour handling capacity

< 43 dB(A)

Quiet operation on smaller sizes

Reliable design and technology

Proven design for over 30 years in the market. Built-in oil filtration with disposable oil filter and forced oil lubrication to ensure efficient and effortless operation of the pump mechanism at any inlet pressure.

ATEX versions for explosion-proof compliance

E2M Ex Series to pump or operate in environments where a potentially explosive atmosphere can be present. Edwards can offer a wide range of products for use in and with explosive atmospheres. They are certified for ATEX and other applicable global standards.

Get the right series for your need

HC Series with hydrocarbon oil for most of the applications, FX Series for pumping rich-oxygen gas mixtures (PFPE prepared) and AZ Series for applications with chemically active compounds (Azide compatible).

E2M with EH booster combination

Rugged, mechanical oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps with a proven robust design

Compact and quiet, they feature advanced lubrication circuits, high reliability, and accessories to suit your specific application needs.