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Edwards Barocel®


With accuracies  of up to 0.15%, these gauges are commonly used to control systems in diverse processes, from industrial furnaces to semi-conductor manufacturing. 

As part of the Active gauge family, they have a 0-10V linear output which can be simply converted to a pressure reading.

Available in three main variants: miniature, standard, and heated, as well as with varying full scale ranges, you can accurately control from atmosphere to 1e-4mbar.

Accuracy and reliable control

With all our offerings having multiple full scales, choosing the gauge which covers your process range is simple. You can also rest easy knowing that the gauges have multiple protections against contaminants (integrated baffle, ceramic coating, diaphragm shield) and have market leading resistance against zero drift.

Controllers – local display and control of your system

If you require a local display for these gauges, we offer a special variant of our TIC controller which can operate with all of the Barocel gauges, alongside our standard Active gauges. 

With the ability to connect a total of 6 gauges at any one time (maximum of 3 Barocel gauges depending on heated/unheated) you can cover multiple areas of your system with a single controller.