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EUV EZenith Regis

Maximising SubFab availability

In today’s fast-moving, connected world, we understand the need to maximise our customers’ productivity. We do this by ensuring their technology is first to market, while continuing to strive to reduce the risk and environmental challenges the manufacturing process can bring.

Supporting our customers' productivity

Edwards integrated solutions appraise the whole vacuum and exhaust management needs of the customer, based on our global experience, with the most advanced technologies in the sector. Our integrated systems provide the advantages of product and service repeatability and space saving. They bring improved productivity, safety and environmental reassurance. Our integrated systems also carry direct benefits of faster install and set up speed, economies of scale and enhanced safety.


EZENITH offers an advanced portfolio of systems providing fully integrated vacuum and exhaust management solutions for all of your semiconductor processes applications. EZENITH systems are unique in offering:

With just a pump and a gas abatement device, you still are not ready to run your process. You will need to connect the pump exhaust, connect up your line heaters where required, run your water, purge and electrical lines, and then get all of your control signals ready. You will also have to consider double-enclosure, gas leak detection, and how you want to conduct leak checks after your tool maintenance. All of these things will cost you design time and money. We understand the problem so we have developed integrated, process-specific solutions. 

Our integrated systems are already pre-designed for most semiconductor processes. The exhaust heaters are set for the correct temperature to minimize cost and maximise up-time. We put leak check ports and gate valves where they are required. The whole system is enclosed and, most importantly, you only need to provide one of each of the required utilities. We distribute the gases, water, electricity, and control signals where they are needed and create a ready-to-go system.


The innovative process of extreme ultraviolet lithography, known in its short form as EUVL or EUV, is the next generation lithography technology that leading semiconductor chipmakers plan to use in the manufacturing of the most advanced semiconductor components. This technology has an historic importance, as it is enabling the continued extension of Moore’s Law. The immediate challenge for EUV is the tool uptime. Our fully integrated sub fab solution will bring significant benefits to EUV lithography manufacturing. With over 10 years of enabling EUV from a sub fab perspective our innovative leading technology solutions and systemisation capabilities continue to strive to enable maximum EUV process up-time and yield within a managed safe environment.

We fully understand the challenges

  • Risk Management

Using our global experience to ensure the success of customers

  • Energy Conservation

Higher flows do not mean bigger tools


  • Scaling

The ability and experience to adapt to customer demands. Double flows do not mean doubling size of system experienced product company, account teams, service support and global expertise


Regis (Reactive Gas Inject System) is a chemical reacting system, using remote plasma technology to increase pump lifetime.

The latest generation Regis features a unique reaction chamber design that ensures process gases are efficiently reacted before entering the pump, extending pump lifetime to more than 300 days.

Compared to the previous generation Regis, the footprint has been reduced by 26.5%. The new Regis system coupled with harsh duty series dry vacuum pumps, provides maximum pump uptime and process stability for a series of processes.

Features and benefits:

  • Low cost of ownership:

ReGIS extends the pump lifetime to 300 days or more

Optimized NF3 flow using FTIR studies to minimize CoO.

Reaction efficiency increased by 100% due to new reaction chamber design.

  • Maximises tool uptime:

On-line continuous operation.

Reduced tool downtime due to frequent pump swap-outs.

  • Fully enclosed system with cabinet extraction port included.
  • PLC controlled:

Tool Signal Control ReGIS Plasma ignition capability.

Enhanced Security.

Full system monitoring.

  • Enables process stability:

No loss in performance.

No changes in conductance.