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GasCheck G3


The Edwards GasCheck G3 features a Micro Thermal Conductivity sensor for enhanced sensitivity. At the heart of the instrument is a sensor which can detect any gas with a different thermal conductivity to that of air. Leaks can be located and the gas leak rate can be displayed in a choice of convenient units.

Detect leaks with automatic and direct display of gas leak rate

New, simple to interpret graphical icon display menu

Choice of readings in cc/sec, mg/m3 or ppm

Rapidly detects almost any known gas mixture – particularly sensitive to ammonia, argon, butane, helium

Leak detection of welds, joints, seams and gaskets on components that are pressurised with a traceable gas such as helium or carbon dioxide

Where several measurements are to be taken, the G3 can log 10 readings with a date and time stamp.

The battery powered instrument is supplied in a rugged carrying case with a short probe, nozzle and a long probe.