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GMB40K High Capacity

Booster Pumps

The new Edwards GMB40K with an innovative composite rotor design of high strength alloy-steel shafts with lightweight rotor lobes safely enable higher running speeds. This patented construction gives maximum displacement on an industry leading footprint.

31.000 m³/h

With a wide range of variants.

Robust & Safe

Designed for harsh applications, ensures mechanical integrity during process malfunctions

Increased efficiency

Lowest power consumption at vacuum

Controllable vacuum

With rotational speeds from 540 to 3960 rpm


Reduced installation costs and minimal in situ service to maximise process uptime

High capacity pump with a low footprint

Innovative modular rotor technology ensures high performance on the smallest footprint and weight. This ensures the highest degree of flexibility when designing large vacuum systems.

Flexible with multiple systemisation options available

The GMB40K is scalable with multiple backing configurations available. Built to global standards IEC and NEMA flange compatibility. ATEX options are also available for use Hazardous or chemical applications.