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mXDS Dry Scroll

Primary Vacuum

The mXDS is compact and lightweight, weighing in at just under 8kg with a purpose made carry handle making them highly portable. For system builders the pump can typically be mounted horizontally or vertically and for convenient connection the inlet can be orientated vertically or horizontally with a push fit alternative available as an accessory

Experience the advantages that come with the mXDS


Compact and lightweight, mountable horizontally or vertically with an inlet that can be orientated vertically or horizontally


3 m3h-1 pumping speed with 0.1 mbar ultimate vacuum, gas ballast facility along with an exhaust valve for system protection


Clean oil free with no oil to top up, replace or dispose of with a lower power requirement to help reduce carbon footprint

Filling the performance gap in the Edwards small dry pump portfolio.

These compact scroll pumps have a gas ballast facility incorporated in the design as standard for water vapour handling and an exhaust valve just like the larger nXDS. With a typically lower power requirement compared to similar capacity pumps, which makes them great for energy savings and an ideal choice for helping to reduce your carbon footprint. 

The optimised fan cooling is beneficial in reducing noise for quieter operation leading to a pleasant working environment, and being clean oil free pumps with no oil to top up, replace or dispose of are an environmentally friendly option. mXDS3 are offered as standard or configured with a solenoid inlet isolation valve for enhanced system protection and supplied with exhaust silencer/filter accessory to become the mXDS3s.