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PGC Gas Chillers

Improve Vacuum

This Gas Chiller cools compressed dry gases, such as nitrogen, argon or air, from ambient to cryogenic temperature without pre-cooling.

PGC Gas Chillers are closed-loop refrigeration systems that cool a non-recirculating gas stream using a refrigerant to gas tube-in-tube heat exchanger.

Edwards Polycold® PGC Gas Chiller requires no pre-cooling

Using the Edwards Polycold auto-cascade refrigeration cycle technique with a mixed refrigerant, PGC Gas Chillers enable you to cool dry gas to temperatures between -75°C and -125°C without sacrificing high flow rates.

PGC Gas Chillers are suitable for many applications, including thermal testing of electronics, cold gas venting of vacuum chambers, rheology, and low-temperature characterisation of materials.

They are the most cost-effective systems available for cooling a gas stream in an ultra-low temperature range (-75° to -125°C/ -103° to -193°F/198 to 148 K) without the cost, risk or inconvenience of liquid nitrogen. 

Key Features