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Portable Gauging


The perfect solution for service personal to check vacuum performance at specific points in a system ensuring efficiency of operation. For service and spot checking of systems, having to carry around a gauge/controller set up and then find a power supply can really slow down proceedings. With our P3 gauge, this is no longer a problem!

Portable gauging offers the opportunity to easily take spot measurement checks.

Thanks to it being mains power independent, the Edwards P3 handheld all-in-one measuring system is the essential device for:

Edwards Portable gauge: A complete gauge display that operates off its integrated battery.

Also available is the accessory pack, which not only gives you a case in which to transport the gauge, avoiding damage in transit, but also some dedicated PC software and mains cable to enable longer term measurement tracking and logging, past the standard onboard datalogging. This can enable pressure rise leak testing on large/underground systems where standard leak checking is not viable.