T-station 85

High Vacuum

The T-Station 85 is a low cost, entry level, compact pumping station. Popular within universities and R&D worldwide as it offers a simple press-button and hassle-free solution for smaller scale research. This model delivers pumping speeds between 47 to 85 l/s.

47 - 85 l/s

Choice of backing pumps and inlet ports for different pumping speeds

Plug and Pump

Single start/stop button, with automated functions for safe use


Compact with a low profile for a more stable unit that cannot be knocked over

Robust Construction

Rugged all-metal frame that does not crack nor break with use


Rugged all metal frame built for durability and to withstand the varied demands of R&D laboratory testing conditions.

Ideal Applications:

It’s compact design and mobile versatility make the T-Station 85 a perfect fit for: