TIC cart XL

High Vacuum

nEXT Turbomolecular Pumping Station TIC Cart XL are configurable with pump speeds ranging from 240 to 930 ls-1 and choice of dry backing pumps including the revolutionary nXRi multistage roots pump and nXDS scroll pump that enables the range to pump from 6 to 90 m3h-1. All our nEXT turbomolecular pumping stations feature an integrated TIC turbo and instrument controller offering full control of the package via a simple intuitive interface.

Range of turbomolecular pump options

Choice of turbomolecular pump with speeds ranging from 240 to 930 ls-1 and inlet flanges from DN100 to DN200.

Fully controllable

TIC turbo and instrument controller offers full control of pumps and up to 3 Active gauges as well as offering full serial remote communications.

Vent valve option

Optional turbomolecular pump vent valve can be ordered as part of cart assembly.

User serviceable

All nEXT turbomolecular pumps and backing pumps are fully user serviceable.

Robust metal frame

All metal frame with locking castors for a robust but easily mobile system.

Choice of backing pumps

Choice of dry backing pumps with capacities ranging from 6 to 90 m3h-1.

Low vibration

Backing pump mounted on anti-vibration mounts for low levels of transmitted vibration.


Everything about our range of nEXT turbomolecular pumping stations has been developed to provide a comprehensive vacuum solution with the latest technological advances for easy installation and operation.
A simplified ordering matrix and expanded range, to include turbopumps with speeds from 240 ls-1 to 930 ls-1, enables you to select the most appropriate combination for your application, fully assembled and ready to go.