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Our servicing expertise covers most leading vacuum equipment manufacturers

Helium Leak Detector

Repair & Service

Our technicians provide a comprehensive leak detector repair and calibration service at our dedicated service centre. All makes and models are catered for. We carry a wide range of spare on stock and an optimum turnaround time is assured.

In-House or On-Site

Leak Detection

PLASMADIAM Sȧrl offer a leak Detection Service available in vacuum or sniff mode. This service consist of our qualified technicians going on site and performing Helium Leak testing of your systems. The service includes the hire of equipment, supply of Helium and a full report on the leaks located. Across a wide range of industries, customers have availed of this value service- Power plants, turbines, vacuum oven, condensers, etc.

Vacuum Gauge

Calibration Services

At PLASMADIAM Sàrl, we recommend regular calibration of vacuum gauges to ensure optimal performance of your vacuum equipment. Plasmadiam sȧrl are fully equipped to calibrate all types of vacuum gauge, traceable to international standards.



Our team of qualified technicians also carries out all our services directly on site. This service saves you time and gets your equipment up and running again quickly. Contact us to take advantage of our on-site service.

Authorised Service Distributor

Lic. #DACH-001



.Vacuum Pump


Repair Procedure

Vacuum Pump Services

System audits and expert advice to help maximise your efficiency.

If you want to optimise performance or head off costly downtime, a system audit from our vacuum pump experts could be the answer.

As well as designing, developing and manufacturing vacuum equipment to the very highest standards, our extensive installed base gives us the opportunity to understand thousands of applications and how systems perform in real life.

A systems audit to help you maximise performance

With a system audit you can benefit from:

  • Access to specialist knowledge
  • Advice regarding applications, spares and accessories
  • Proactive maintenance planning

Improved cost of ownership
We can offer expert vacuum support and advice on common problems across your entire vacuum system, allowing you to benefit from enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and improved cost of ownership.

Vacuum pump repair at your site.
Expert repair, maintenance and commissioning

Vacuum pump repair and service, where you need it most.
Our field service teams can carry out essential maintenance, repair and commissioning of your vacuum equipment, anywhere in the world.

Service at your site is something we take very seriously. We invest in the tools, training and inventory that enable our engineers to deliver quality vacuum pump service every time. We can assist your site staff in performing routine maintenance or troubleshoot a specific problem.

Vacuum health-check to avoid costly repairs.
To head off costly break/fix repairs why not use our Vacuum Health-Check? Our engineers will help you to monitor and maintain your vacuum system, anticipating potential problems and helping to maximise your uptime.

Expertise you can trust.
Our highly trained vacuum specialists not only know our pumps; they have vast applications experience too, bringing you best practice solutions proven around the world.

Vacuum pumps repair and remanufacturing.
Our vacuum pump rebuild service can help you to get maximum value from your investment.

Our network of service locations and remanufacturing centres offer a complete range of product repair, and remanufacturing solutions, with proven working practices and careful attention to detail.

A multi-step process.
Our Complete Remanufacturing services follow a comprehensive high quality multi-step process that includes :

  • Incoming inspection
  • Disassembly
  • Decontamination
  • Cleaning
  • Component Inspection
  • Replacement of parts
  • Reassembly
  • Painting
  • Safety testing
  • Performance validation
  • Expertise report

Our vacuum pump rebuild service delivers the closest thing to a new pump you can get, managed by the technical experts who understand every inch of your equipment.

Rapid product replacement for your critical applications

Minimising downtime, maximising convenience
When process uptime is critical and it’s simply not possible to complete a repair on-site, or where a more convenient maintenance solution is desired, Edwards Service Exchange is the solution.

Rapid vacuum pump replacement
We provide a rapid vacuum pump replacement service for your failed pump, with an extensive warranty.

Every pump is expertly prepared and ready for installation in your plant, allowing you to swap one pump for another in a single step. Once your exchange pump is installed you then have several days to return your original pump to us.

A wide range of pumps on standby
We maintain a comprehensive inventory of service exchange products. Every pump has been tested and is ready for immediate installation.

Planning and Commissioning

Helping you to specify and install the right system for your needs Commissioning of pumps and complete vacuum systems

No two vacuum installations are exactly alike, which is why careful planning and commissioning of any new equipment is an essential part of bringing your systems to life.

Professional commissioning

We can help you to plan your vacuum system for your precise needs. We also bring deep industry knowledge that may help you to anticipate changing performance or physical space requirements for the future.

Planning for the future

Our engineers can help you take a new installation from planning to the plant room, resolving common challenges with real world solutions that keep your snag list short and project on target.

Commissioning tasks carried out on the machines are methodically recorded along with set points and operating parameters. Our commissioning will include system and control testing, documentation and commissioning record, and a full induction at handover.

Vacuum Instruments Calibration

Accredited calibration service for your instruments
Keeping your processes safe

As you know, accuracy and precision are vital to effective vacuum processes, which is why it pays to use Edwards accredited vacuum calibration service.

Laboratory services you can trust

Our accredited laboratory services routinely calibrate and certify vacuum measurements instruments in accordance with recognised global standards.

Our dedicated testing and calibration laboratory can accommodate many makes and model of vacuum gauges, with a fast and efficient service anywhere in the world.

A comprehensive report is included with every calibration service so you know exactly how well your instrumentation has been performing.

Service Contracts and Managed Maintenance

Keeping your operations running smoothly and maximising your investment The vacuum pump service you can count on

The ability to keep your operations running smoothly on a defined budget is key. Our Managed Maintenance approach, tailored to your precise operation, will optimise service events around your critical needs to reduce your total cost of ownership and increase productivity.

Regular scheduled maintenance can identify potential problems before they occur and plans can be structured around different levels of care. Managed maintenance also enables cost management and will help you avoid the risk and expense associated with unplanned downtime.

Three plans to choose from :

Parts Care – A kit-based spares only solution, perfect for businesses that prefer to manage their own assets.

Preventive Care – Routine maintenance on a schedule designed to meet the needs of your business or process.

Comprehensive Care – Routine maintenance on a schedule, complete with breakdown cover for additional peace of mind.

Extended Warranty on all your Edwards Equipment

The ultimate peace of mind for your long-term investment
Keeping your critical operations running

If you want to be certain of performance and budgeting in the long-term, an extended warranty provides the ultimate peace of mind.

Our extended warranties provide cover beyond the manufacturing warranty term for equipment failures as a result of unexpected defect and include all parts and labour.

The best technology with the best protection

Extending the warranty of your Edwards equipment gives you the assurance that you have the best in vacuum technology and a well-protected asset. All warranties are subject to Edwards’ standard terms and conditions.

Vacuum Monitoring System

Faster diagnostics and maximum reliability, anywhere in the world
Maximising uptime and performance

When vacuum is a critical part of your process, it makes sense to have experts online ready to anticipate or react to any problems you may have.

Edwards vacuum monitoring system help you to enjoy maximum availability of your pumps, and provides reliable protection against unscheduled production downtime.

Benefits include :

  • Helping to avoid unplanned system failures
  • Avoiding cost-intensive secondary damages due to pump crashes
  • Fast reaction times of service and reliable failure analysis, with expert recommendations for reparations
  • Corrective measures fitted into your production plan
  • Maintenance intervals based on the real-time condition of the pump to reduce life cycle costs
  • Planned downtimes that work around your production demand