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EXS Dry Screw

Dry Pumps

The EXS dry screw vacuum pumps have been designed in a package that focusses on simplicity and robustness. With more performance, simple control philosophy and low maintenance costs the EXS delivers reliable performance.

Robust design features

Dependable new gas system with manual gas ballast control with sleek sheet metal protective enclosure.

Simple electrical strategy

In-built off-shelf inverter for simple connection and communication and electrical cabinet designed according to IP54 requirements.

Low power and utilities consumption

The EXS has a low carbon footprint thanks to its low power and utilities usage. With no contaminated or dirty disposable oil, it is also easy on the environment.

Increased roughing speeds and low ultimate performance

Gain increased productivity with faster processing and pump down times; low ultimate pressures up to < 1 x 10-2.

Unique screw technology, advanced temperature control and long service intervals

Non-contacting long-life seals

Non-contacting long-life seals with integral oil blocking labyrinth seal provides highly effective sealing.

Advanced Core technology

Advanced quality bearings and special purpose oil with low vapour pressure for application compatibility.