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iXM – iXH – iXL series

Primary Vaccum

Our innovative range of dry pumps brings you cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your semiconductor and electronics manufacturing environment. Each range has been specifically designed to bring you advantages in environmental performance, reliability in harsh conditions and agility in light duty applications.

iXM Dry Pump

Greener and more reliable with a lower cost of ownership

iXH Dry Pump

100 - 6.000 m³/h
More process capability
'Plug and Pump'
No routine maintenance

iXL Dry Pump

110 / 930 m³/h
0.013 / 0.001 mbar
Plug and Pump
<55 dB(A)
No routine maintenance

iXM series – low energy use, high performance

Edwards iXM low energy series dry pumps can bring real process improvements with increased uptime, reduced environmental impact and cost benefits for your most critical applications.

iXH series for harsh environments

The iXH dry pump range sets new standards for harsh process capability, reliability and lower cost of ownership.

iXL series for light duty applications

The iXL series is a range of low energy compact dry pumps for light duty applications such as wafer handling, PVD, and metrology.