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nXDS Serie

Primary Vacuum

The nXDS has taken scroll vacuum technology to the next level. Improved performance, exceptional pumping capability, quiet operation and extended service intervals make nXDS the ultimate dry choice.

Totally Dry

Hermetically sealed, innovative mechanism

0.007 mbar

Superior vacuum levels achieved

Easy Maintenance

User-friendly, with up to 5 years between overhauls

<52 dB(A)

Better working environment with low noise and vibration

Special Versions

With Chemical & Gas Recirculation variants

nXDS dry scroll pump

nXDS is our latest generation of scroll pump offering increased pumping speeds, combined with lower ultimate pressures, lower power consumption and lower noise levels than other pumps. nXDS pumps are designed to be completely field serviceable. Its intelligent control functions and up to five year service interval offer low cost of ownership, making it the small dry pump of choice for today’s most advanced technologies.

Edwards Presents nXDS Scroll Pumps

by Dave Goodwin

The Edwards nXDS family of scroll pumps have become some of our most popular vacuum pumps with a track record of proven performance and reliability.